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VeeWebinar is more than your standard web conferencing solution. Our unique solution easily covers standard style webinars, and it also enables your organization to amp up live video streams to enhance your sales, marketing and customer service multi-experience engagements. Your employees are empowered to easily walk around the showroom, stores and dealerships and dynamically switch camera feeds with a single tap using a mobile app. No “tethering” to the employee’s desk necessary.

You can be as dynamic online as you are your showroom, store or office and drive sales and great customer service with VeeWebinar. Easily show your latest car, newest watch and even make sure you can meet your new patients or customers face to face online. Clearly provide a 1:1 conversation or allow for a seamless transition to 1:many conversation. Your organization can provide the capabilities to bring other parties such as friends, husbands, wives, coworkers and etc. to drive leads, sales and customer service with the power of VeeWebinar.

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