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Vee24’s VeeMessenger solution for your agents combines the power of live text chat with asynchronous or persistent chat.  Customers can start or respond to a chat while your agent is off-line or vice versa.  This powerful solution provides multiple concurrent chats with different customers and multiple threads of conversations with the same customer.  VeeMessenger seamlessly integrates with the Vee24 ChatBOT and can provide asynchronous escalation during off hours for the BOT.  This is also a perfect solution for customer service teams and can completely replace email based support.  

messenger icon showing messenger bubble
veemessenger being used on mobile devices

Your customers are already using chat on a daily basis and VeeMessanger provides easy chat capabilities for your customers and agents.  You can carry on an online conversation at the customer’s conveyance and ensure there is a seamless way to move the conversation to a text chat, video chat or voice call easily our multi-experience platform.  The Vee24 platform makes it simple to follow each customer conversation and rejoin that conversation at any time and across desktop and mobile channels.

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