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Our VeeChat solution delivers advanced live chat through text-based chat, co-view, 2-way file transfer and out-of-the-box support for auto-translation.  Co-View allows the Agent and Customer to co-navigate and collaborate across web pages.  A single agent user can engage with multiple customers at a time with all the VeeChat capabilities.  

chat-icon text chat
VeeChat-image text chat

Multi-threaded text chat is an excellent tool to manage high volume inquiries while maximizing the efficiency of your staff. Your agents are able to carry simultaneous conversations with multiple customers with ease. Common problems with multi-threaded chats include long wait times for responses, and confusion in information from multiple, simultaneous chats. The Vee24 platform makes it easy to follow each customer conversation with a smart layout, easily accessible links and shortcuts, and canned text chats which allow you to send common responses with a click of a single button.

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