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The VeeAssist provides best-of-breed co-browsing and screen sharing to allow your agent to digitally hold the customers hand through a buying or service journey.  This often enables a phone based support team to enhance their customer interactions.  VeeAssist not only allows for co-navigation through your website, it also supports sharing of offline assets, including rich media.  Our Co-Share feature provides for full collaboration on forms and documents between the agent and customer.  Secure Sharing allows customers to provide permission before sharing begins and you can even specify which data the agent can see, edit or click.

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co-browsing co-browse live chat screenshare

Effortlessly pointing a customer in the right direction using co-browsing cuts down the time needed to resolve your customer’s query and delivers a seamless experience. It also provides your agents with an extra tool to reduce the challenge of describing or manually linking a customer to the correct place.

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