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Travel and Hospitality Industry

Taking a flight, booking a vacation and finding a restaurant all need careful planning and customers often prefer to chat through options rather than pick their way through a website Q+A.  High service levels are important across the travel and hospitality sectors and Live Engagement allows you to extend the service you’d offer guests at your premises to the service you offer to guests online.

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“Potters Resort has always prided itself on its customer service and this video chat service enables us to provide the same friendly service you would get if you were to book on Resort or via phone. It allows us to interact with online customers on a personal level.”

John Porter – Managing Director, Potters Resort

Vee24 helps travel and hospitality providers to
Personalize your online presence

Customers want personality from their leisure providers and Live Engagement gives you the opportunity to maintain brand standards and meet and greet online guests. You wouldn’t leave your hotel or restaurant reception unmanned – so it’s important never to leave your website unattended.

Upsell to customers

Directly speaking to online customers gives you the opportunity to sell additional services and experiences, leading to an increase in the overall order value.

Offer real-time service

Booking holidays and restaurants is often done online and out of office hours and busy customers will leave your website if they can’t find what they need quickly. Real time Live Chat offers support at any time of the day and night and from multiple devices, allowing you to answer questions whenever your travel and hospitality customers need to ask them.

Close bookings

Website customers will often shop around. Live Engagement allows you to proactively approach the customer, offer help, discuss options and secure their booking before they head elsewhere.

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