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The Vee24 platform doesn’t just allow you to text or video chat with customers. We also help you co-browse, share, guide and present any type of content to the customer whether it’s video, slides, PDF or web pages. Customers that call into your phone desk can also be digitally upgraded with co- browse and video as required. You can also offer customers a helping hand through check-out and enrollment processes with co-form filling. Live assistance also easily extends into instore kiosks or a customer’s mobile platform.

To ensure high-quality engagements for companies of any size, Vee24 also offers a full range of additional services and equipment. The Vee24 Live Engagement Platform comes with a sleek camera tower, specialized mounted agent screen, and customized backdrop to give your customers a professionally polished multimedia experience.


A superb mobile experience is key to live engagement. Today’s customers are increasingly browsing, researching and shopping from mobile devices and Vee24 Live assistance also easily extends to customer’s mobile devices whether via the mobile browser or through customized mobile apps that leverage our powerful SDKs.

live chat assistance technology

Vee24’s Live Engagement Platform touts an iOS, Android and JavaScript mobile SDK for mobile development teams of any size or sophistication to make live engagement a key piece of their app’s user experience.  This allows you to add text, voice, and video chat into your app experience along with several other SDK specific features.  For example, enabling customer side video on a mobile app allows you to view a couch color that you can try to match for a sale or see and hear a faulty appliance on a customer service call.  Our financial service customers use this for customer identification and transaction authorization.  Agent side big video allows you to demonstrate big box products or finer details of your product design.  The possibilities and scenarios are truly endless.

Vee24 Live Chat Platform works with your CRM

Continual customer engagement is a key piece of any company’s strategy, so Vee24’s Live Engagement Platform was built from the start with tools to make CRM easier, more efficient, and more engaging. Our CRM capabilities can range from a total solution for lighter weight clients looking for a simple solution, to an integrated solution for larger enterprises that have deployed company-wide CRM via our API. Vee24 integrates with most popular CRM, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, and most CRMs that accept APIs for integration.

live chat assistance technology
CRM Lite

For clients who need a simple but fully integrated solution for customer relationship management, the Vee24 platform provides a full-featured CRM tool that is built natively into our Live Engagement tool. CRM Lite offers clients the capability to track customers, opportunities, and (critically) the live engagements you have had with that customer. With our CRM Lite module, you can measure the effectiveness of your live engagement strategy by tracking every detail of your interactions with the customer alongside the ebb and flow of opportunities with them.


It is crucial for any company to consider certifications and security when choosing a live chat platform.

PCI Compliant

For any team that’s takes information such as credit cards during your live chat engagements, the Vee24 platform is PCI compliant.

HIPPA Compliant

With the rise of tele-health every organization has to use a solution that’s HIPAA compliant. Vee24 fully encrypts data while at rest or during transfer. Whether the information is passed over your live chat engagement or via file transfer, information is always secure.

Sarbanes Oxley and Patriot’s Act Compliant

For auditing accountability and transparency, all engagements that occur via the Vee24 platform can be recorded and stored securely. Certain sensitive data can be withheld from ever being processed, stored or even seen by an agent at all.

GDPR Compliant

Wherever in the world you do business, Vee24 platform has you covered. For any chat engagements that occur in Europe, we have you covered. Vee24 platform is fully GDPR compliant.


The Vee24 platform adheres to ISO commercial standards for information security and measurements.

You are in full control of your live chat platform and agents

A Vee24 web-based administration tool allows you to configure and design many aspects of your live engagement solution. Everything from the look and feel of your customer’s live engagement experience, to the management of your agents, to a variety of technical components is available to configure.

Vee24 supports the ability to accommodate single sign-on implementations, simplifying your agent management overhead and complying with any IT security policies. In addition, Vee24’s platform supports industry-standard engagement monitoring and recording. This includes the ability to control when recordings start, what aspect of the engagement is recorded, and robust functionality to support automated transfer of recorded engagements secondary data store locations.

Direct requests to the right experience

Vee24’s Live Engagement Platform supports routing your customer to the right person and right place based on a wide number of factors. Vee24 can automatically detect website location, journey, language, and many other factors to intelligently tap the customer representative with the right skill set. The core piece of our routing module is our routing rules engine which allows you to classify both agents and customers using any number of criteria.

Using our agent grouping feature, agents can be grouped according to any sort of logical division like languages spoken, level of expertise, customer service or sales, and many other use cases. When the customer requests an engagement, we use a matching algorithm to connect the customer to the best suite agent and engagement type. Routing also allows for live engagement transfers between agents or agent groups. This can be leveraged to accommodate a variety of important scenarios: escalating a support issue to a higher tier of customer service agent; or transferring a customer to another store location that has the item in stock that they’re asking to see.

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