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If a customer is on your website, there’s an opportunity to make a sale. Live Engagement allows you to proactively or reactively chat to online customers during each stage of the research or buying journey.

Sales metrics following Live Engagement sessions are hard to ignore. Compared with unassisted online sales, results following Live Engagement show:

35% increase in average order value
5x uplift in conversions vs unassisted users
30% reduction in length of sales cycle
44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a Web site can offer.

Forrester Research

A four-phase Live Engagement process – Initiate | Route | Engage | Conclude
guides the customer from early research and support through to online sale.


It’s here that you can harness the power of Live Engagement to drive the top of your sales funnel, by driving web traffic towards your Live Engagement service. You can initiate conversations with the right visitors through proactive NudgeBOTs, or engage reactively from any page of your website when customers request support. You can also maximize the investment you make in email campaigns, social media, SEO and search engine ads by routing ‘clicks’ directly through to your Live Engagement page.


Once you’ve initiated a conversation it’s time to direct the customer through the sales funnel to the most appropriate agent – one with the best fit for the customer in terms of language, location and product interest. For simple questions and support, all agents should be able to handle the enquiry, but more intelligent routing could be required for complex queries and expert advice.


It’s also important that the Live Engagement is managed in the most impactful way for the customer. For example, does the customer want to engage by video chat or are they comfortable with a text chat engagement? Do you need close up cameras to show the finer detail of an expensive item of jewelry? Does the customer need you to show them a car outside in a parking lot? Or do they need some help completing a loan application online?

Once the engagement is underway, the customer has the flexibility to request additional advice from an expert, turn on their own webcam to show the agent their own home, or switch the conversation from text to video to co-browsing the site. Live Engagement offers multiple ways in which the agent can interact with the customer and fine tune the engagement before a sale.


Once the customer has completed a purchase, the journey continues via automated workflows, an integrated CRM follow up email campaign or a scheduled check-in appointment. Each interaction enables comprehensive reporting to measure the success of Live Engagement as a sales enabler and relationship building tool.

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