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Our expertise in using conversational engagement for marketing, sales and customer service is a result of working with our great customers over the last 8 years.  We have depth in deploying, managing and growing businesses with live engagement.  

Our customer success team is devoted to your success and is committed to providing education and additional insights in the Vee24 engagement platform and its phenomenal impact on your business.  We strive to exceed your current and future plans to evolve your multi-experience in your organization.  


The Vee24 platform is designed for easy implementation. The platform is set up so that once our customer adds two lines of code to their website, we begin the process of getting it up and running.

We take care of custom branding per your specifications, configure our dashboards and reporting to fulfill your needs and goals. Once the technical implementation is complete, we begin the Vee24 Power Up Experience. This starts with a kick-off that leads to business workshops, configurations, and user training. We are there to ensure you have a smooth launch, and that your live-engagement solution is optimized for all of your needs.

Schuh, goldsmith and Jaguar live services

If you need to expand your live-engagement offering, want to quickly expand your current staff, or need extra staff for or want your live-engagement strategy up and running while you train your staff, we offer our PACE Centre.

The PACE Centre has proven results

Lead to Sale
Customer Satisfaction Scores with Video Chat
Uplift in Conversion Rates
Uplift in Average Order Value (AOV)

The PACE Centre allows its customers to offer a fully-featured and managed live video, voice, and text chat service. The PACE center has been used by industry leaders such as The Watches of Switzerland Group, Sytner Automotive Group, Halliwell Jones, Bathstore, and others. The PACE team is available 7 days a week and is a real point of difference against your online competitors.

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