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Retail Industry

The future of Retail is embracing digital commerce  – This is no exaggeration. Online searches for products, reviews, best prices or educational content, for clothes, furniture, jewelry and others, happen at some point during the buyer’s journey.  Engaging your customers online with ChatBOTS, text chat, video chat, messaging and cobrowsing  is paramount to your sales and customer service success. Our retail customers have seen average order values increase by an average 35% with the Vee24 multi-experience platform. Ensuring your digital marketing efforts are connected seamlessly to your digital sales and customer service engagements creates ecstatic customers and profitable online business.  Delighted customers will come back, buy again and share their stories with others about the experience.  Live engagement is the way to staff your online store, build brand loyalty, increase sales and create great customer service.  Bring the “in-store” experience online with Live Engagement.

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Vee24 helps retailers to

35% in a circle
Increase average order value

Average order values increase by an average 35% with Live Engagement.

24/7 written on a graphic of a clock
Provide out-of-hours service

Ensure that you’re there online to meet customers in the evening and outside your standard opening hours.

graphic of an online store and a brick and mortar store balanced on two sides of a scale
Improve conversion rates

Retailers are seeing conversions as high as store conversions with Live Chat.

live engagement stat 95% and NPS score showing 84%
Improve customer satisfaction scores

The average CSAT score with Live Engagement is 96%, and NPS scores average 84.

graphic showing revenue increase
Increase incremental orders and revenue

Delighted customers will come back, buy again and keep returning.  Build brand loyalty with Live Engagement.

Magnify Marketing ROI

Ensure your digital Marketing is effective by utilizing live engagement.  Use your social media, digital ads and email more effectively by integrating Vee24 into these marketing efforts.  Drive your outreach directly to a ChatBot to ensure a connection from an advertisement or send your social engagement directly to an online agent.  Provide 24×7 support for common questions and allow the BOT to co-browse through your site with the customer, ensuring collaboration that will lead to a sale. Delighted customers will come back, buy again and inform their friends about the experience.  Build brand loyalty, increase revenues and lower your costs with Live Engagement.

Live Chat for Retail
Live text chat shown on customer and agent's devices customer engagement

Increase Sales

Our multi experience solutions  help our retail customers generate an average order values increase of 35% with Live Engagement. You can enable your website presence with Ve24’s multi-experience platform to drive sales in as many ways as customers may want.   Vee24 solutions enable you to be ready to sell and assist with tools such as AI ChatBots, Live chat, messaging and Video chat along with cobrowsing. We live in a 24/7 world and many of your customers are looking to research, browse and purchase during your off-hours.  Our solutions can allow for intelligent BOTs to engage and answer questions, cobrowse, and schedule appointments with the customer, when and where they want.

Seamless Customer Service

Vee24 solutions have helped drive average CSAT scores with Live Engagement to over 96%, and NPS scores have risen to an average of 84 for our retail clients. Utilizing our live engagement solution, our customers see reduction in costs for returns and better results on assembly and repairs. During high volume events, our customers have seen increased usage of the live engagement to handle the increased traffic bursts, ensure queue times are down and CSAT scores remain high.

VeeChat-image text chat

You'll be in good company

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Clarins Partners with Vee24 to Launch its Virtual Boutique to Provide Real Shopping Experience

Vee24 is excited to be working with Clarins to bring skincare knowledge online with virtual beauty consultations.

Watches of Switzerland Doubled Engagements with Happier Customers Using Video Chat

With more customers spending time online, Goldsmiths determined they had to reach their customers where they were, while maintaining their in-store experience.

sky break industry page image

Skybreak Elevates Airport Experience with Vee24 Live Customer Engagement

Vee24 is helping Skybreak improve the airport travel experience by expanding the reach of its service agents with quick-access video and text chat.

Schuh 300x100

Live Help at Schuh

“We’re achieving conversion rates that equate to those of our bricks and mortar locations.”

Sean McKee
Head of Ecommerce, Schuh

“Best advice and service I have had, brilliant experience and really helpful advisor.”

Schuh Customer


bathstore Meets Customers Online with Video Chat

“We’ve seen fantastic results from the day we went live with the service — our customers love it and it’s become a great service differentiator for bathstore.”

Clare Bayliss, CMO, bathstore

“Wow, what a good experience. Very helpful and more likely to purchase as a result of this experience.”

bathstore Customer

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