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Customer Case Study

Watches of Switzerland Have Doubled Engagements With Happier Customers Using Video Chat

Watches of Switzerland Logo


  • Leading retailer of watches, jewelry and diamonds
  • Brands include Goldsmiths, Watches of Switzerland, Mappin & Webb and Mayors
  • Operates in UK and US


  • Use Vee24’s PACE team for customer support
  • Better online service and ROI
  • Increased support for customer social hours
  • Create an in-store experience online

Goldsmiths realized they needed to stand out in a competitive online world. With more customers spending time online, Goldsmiths determined they had to reach their customers where they were, while still maintaining their stellar in-store experience.

Part of buying luxury items, such as watches, jewelry, and diamonds, is the experience and consultation of an expert. With so many customers and purchases happening online, WoSG decided to bring the concierge experience to its customers. The concierge service allows customers to consult with luxury jewelry experts from any web-enabled device wherever they are. From the office to the comfort of their homes.

The Watches of Switzerland Group (WoSG) initially explored live engagement with one of its brands, Goldsmiths. WoSG initially started with text chat, but as they saw more success That relationship has evolved across several stores across multiple brands including Goldsmiths, Watches of Switzerland, Mappin and Webb and Mayors across both the US and the UK.

Online customers across WoSG engage with customer service teams using a mix of text and video chat. Once engaged, WoSG jewelry consultants help online shoppers find what they want and can afford, in a very consultative, concierge using co-browsing and allowing the WOSG to grow online sales meeting aggressive KPI’s and delivering on a significant return on investment for the Group.

A concierge service for luxury brands

Video chat agent on Mappin & Webb

Using Vee24, Goldsmiths started with a 3-month launch period that only focused on text chat. When this launch period exceeded expectations, they quickly moved to Vee24 video-chat and decided to leverage the Vee24 expert PACE team to manage all the video calls with customers looking to discuss luxury items.

With the PACE team handling all direct customer engagements online, WoSG is able to focus on how to better improve the overall experience. To maintain their standards online, the PACE team regularly receives training from WoSG’s luxury watch manufacturers and their diamond and pearl experts. With that training, the PACE team is able to confidently offer advice on ring sizing, diamond clarity, and watch movements.

The success of live engagement at WOSG is the result of many contributing factors including:

Better service and higher ROI. More intelligent connections of customers to staff, along with better support for customer social hours.

Ability to boost buyer confidence of expensive goods.

Intelligent routing of calls where Vee24 can target specific features of the platform to each customer and what they are browsing. For example, a Goldsmith’s customer is routed to the Vee24 team if they are browsing luxury goods and to the WoSG in-house team if they are browsing all other items.

Long operating hours from 8 am to 10 pm GMT to serve customers outside of typical operating hours and when clients are likely to be researching products.

The changing customer behavior with all age groups and demographics using Skype and Facetime, consumers are more likely to embrace video engagement online.

Growing consumer confidence in online shopping for high-value goods, with more people open to purchasing luxury items remotely.

Platform flexibility that allows for system changes to be made quickly to act on analytics intelligence. Teams can change focus, promote new product areas, work different shifts, and change scripts, all to improve the customer experience and increase conversions.

Video-assisted calls have an average NPS score of 88.

Vee24’s relationship with The Watches of Switzerland Group continues to grow, with the teams continuously reviewing, tweaking and improving the service for customers. From its early focus on one brand in the UK, the service has grown to cover all five of its brands within the Group in both the UK and the US. Robust technology, excellent agent teams, and insightful analytics all play their part in the ongoing success. Coupled with the strong collaboration between Vee24 and WOSG the concierge service delivers a year on year return on investment.