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Intelligent BOTs with Conversational AI

Your customers want answers in real-time and we know you want to provide a seamless experience for your customers.  Our Family of conversational AI BOTs can easily enable your organization to meet, greet and complete customer requests with our NudgeBOTs, CustomerAssist BOTs and AgentAssist BOTs which do the heavy lifting for you and your agents. Handling even the heaviest of chat traffic, they can quickly and efficiently answer frequently asked questions, navigate to the right page with Vee24’s co-browse, and the best part – they get smarter with each interaction. Deep Learning technology allows our BOTs to continuously learn from a variety of data sources– FAQs, email archives, chat transcripts and your own website to stay current.  Moreover, this drives reduced queue times for your customers generating far better CSAT scores and seriously satisfied customers.  

The intelligent BOT module provides the Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning capabilities of the Vee24 platform. This Vee24 module enables 3 types of ChatBOTs: Proactive NudgeBOTs, Customer AssistBOTs, and Agent AssistBOTs which integrate seamlessly with the Omni-Channel Engagement Module to transition conversations between ChatBOTs and humans.


Enhance your sales and marketing efforts with our proactive NudgeBOTs.  They help you design the right customer engagement strategy into your digital customer experience. The results speak for themselves: 5 to 10x increase in conversion rate and up to a 35% increase in AOoV. Vee24’s automated NudgeBOTs can be activated in real-time based on customer journey analytics and can drive the perfect experience through your site. Live agents can also monitor visitor activity and manually activate NudgeBOTS when appropriate. Vee24 NudgeBOTs are highly configurable, and the perfect tool to garner more live engagements, increase your conversion rates and drive more sales.

Greet, Meet, and Complete ChatBOT
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Customer AssistBOTs

Vee24 Customer AssistBOTs are the perfect way to handle any incoming questions from your customers and prospects and free up valuable time for your highly trained staff. Let the BOT do the hard work by answering typical frequently asked questions, order tracking, and more. The Customer AssistBot is excellent for engaging in small talk and providing answers not just via live chat, but also by using co-browsing capabilities. Don’t just provide chat responses – enhance the customer experience by co-browsing to the relevant page. The Vee24 Customer AssistBOT understands customer intent and gets smarter over time by utilizing the Vee24 AI-enabled architecture. When it can’t provide an answer or someone asks for a live agent or it’s just time to transfer a sales lead, the BOT is smart enough to escalate and transfer to a human agent.

Agent AssistBOTs

Even your best agents could use some help at times. For your newer agents, this is especially important – each time they put the customer on hold to find the right answer, you are impacting the customer experience and lengthening average handle times. By leveraging Vee24’s contextually-aware Agent AssistBOT your agents will experience increased productivity, create better customer experiences and achieve shorter handle times. Vee24’s Agent AssistBOTs serve as personal assistants to your agents and automate workflow processes. As a result, the agent can truly focus on the customer, providing a much better customer experience. The “auto-respond” mode allows agents to handle more simultaneous chats when your queue lengths get longer. Agent training time becomes a fraction of what it used to be. Agent responses are more compliant with your corporate policies, reducing risk for the corporation.

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