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Healthcare Industry

Today over 125 billion of Google annual searches are healthcare-related and patients want options to engage with their organization digitally as they do for retail and other industries — this is their expectation. Vee24’s HIPAA compliant secure multi-experience platform enables your organization to engage with your online patients or members seamlessly. Our solution provides a future-proofed platform with intelligent chatBOTs, messaging, live chat, and video chat for your patient or member journey. You can securely and easily enable your telemedicine approach or insurance consultation with a secure 1:1 engagement. Efficiently provide educational web conferencing for a larger group all on the same Multi-experience platform.

The Vee24 solutions for your online presence easily enable your organization to digitally engage the way your patients want today, meeting their needs, improving your customer satisfaction scores, and allowing you to provide a concierge level of service for your patients.

Vee24 helps healthcare providers to

live chat for healthcare
Offer fast, convenient appointment booking

Busy practices can miss calls at peak times. Live Chat ensures that customers can make appointments and ask healthcare questions at times to suit them.

24/7 written on a graphic of a clock
Provide healthcare support 24/7

Round the clock support and guidance for patients who need to access services quickly and at their convenience.

hipaa compliant live chat for healthcare
Provide online HIPAA compliant service

Online patient conversations and support need to comply with HIPAA guidelines.

heathcare video hipaa compliant healthcare live chat
Demonstrate effective ways to treat conditions

Video can be an effective way to show patients how to administer certain treatments, removing the ambiguity often found in written instructions.

Provide healthcare support 24/7

Whether you’re driving patients to your website via ads, SEO, eMail or social media you need to ensure they can engage digitally.  Vee24 makes it easy for  your members to help find the information most germane to them.  With Vee24’s multi-experience platform your organization can utilize ChatBOTs, Messaging, Live Chat or video chat to ensure you meet your patients online and help them get the information and care they need.

Mobile, Tablet and Desktop Engagement

Convert New Members

Online live engagement allows you to meet patients online, book appointments, answer questions, and offer a digital evaluation to help diagnose their issues.  Maybe they need help with care plans or be shown the most effective way to administer treatments for themselves. Healthcare, Insurance and pharmaceutical companies are offering digital solutions to answer questions, provide insights and gain additional information about their patients or members to drive better patient care.

Deliver the Best Care

Our Multi-experience platform offers the ability to be there for your patient base 24X7. This 24-hour capability provides the support and guidance for patients who need to access information quickly and at their convenience.  Additionally, our solution offers telemedicine capabilities where video can be an effective way to show patients how to administer certain treatments, removing the ambiguity often found in written instructions and building trust and rapport with their health clinician.  Healthcare, insurance and pharmaceutical companies see increased CSAT scores of 96% with the use of chatBOTS, secure live chat and video chat for their members and patients experience.

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Vee24 helps healthcare providers to

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