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Delivering the very best care is important to all healthcare organizations and shouldn’t be limited to face to face care-giving. Patients and families need round the clock support and guidance, and are now accessing services online. Online live engagement allows you to meet patients online, book appointments, answer questions, offer a fast diagnosis and care plan and show them the most effective ways to administer treatments.  Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies are offering live chat to:

  • Answer patient questions about drug dosage, demonstrating the usage of drug delivery systems such as self-injections and are enabling drug adherence programs through online engagements
  • Answer questions from healthcare professionals related to drug prescription, drug interactions or side effects, or use in specific populations or conditions.
Vee24 helps healthcare providers to
live chat for healthcare
Offer fast, convenient appointment booking

Busy practices can miss calls at peak times. Live Chat ensures that customers can make appointments and ask healthcare questions at times to suit them.

live chat for healthcare 24/7 Live Chat for High Tech Live Chat for Retail
Provide healthcare support 24/7

Round the clock support and guidance for patients who need to access services quickly and at their convenience.

hipaa compliant live chat for healthcare
Provide online HIPAA compliant service

Online patient conversations and support need to comply with HIPAA guidelines.

heathcare video hipaa compliant healthcare live chat
Demonstrate effective ways to treat conditions

Video can be an effective way to show patients how to administer certain treatments, removing the ambiguity often found in written instructions.

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