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24 Tips to “WOW” Customers Using Live Video Chat [Guide]

Savvy retailers are meeting their online customers face-to-face. From creating immersive Virtual Boutiques to seamlessly connecting online conversations with an in-store salesperson, they’re providing a highly personalized experience using live video chat. This cutting-edge technology with real-time collaboration is helping to supercharge the digital customer experience, generate leads, increase sales, and grow brand loyalty.

salesperson showing a customer how to apply moisturizing cream using live video chat digital customer engagement

Check out our guide, 24 Tips to “WOW” Customers Using Live Video Chat, to gain insights on:

  • Preparing your website and social channels to encourage customers to engage
  • Creating a compelling, immersive experience for customers throughout their visit
  • Building a beautiful, online environment for consultative selling
  • Making deeper connections during the customer journey
  • Equipping and training your sales and service agents to excel

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