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Video Banking

Live Video Chat for Financial Services

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Meet your customers where they are. Engage person-to-person with video banking to build trust. Connect digital and in-branch experiences to grow your digital business.

Build trust with video banking

Use the power of “seeing” and “showing” using video chat to build trusting relationships with new and existing customers.

Personalize your digital experience by offering face-to-face service to open new accounts, provide financial advice, and cross-sell to expand existing relationships.

Benefits of video chat engagement

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Accelerate transactions with real-time collaboration

Empower your banking and financial services specialists to digitally “hold the customer’s hand” with cobrowsing and secure sharing. Walk through and complete forms together or securely transfer files.

Sensitive data is masked and never leaves the customer’s browser, so they can rest assured that their personal information is safe while they get the help they need.

Guide and advise with cobrowsing and sharing

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Never miss an opportunity to connect and delight

Make it easy for customers to speak to a banking or financial services representative to schedule an in-branch appointment. Leverage online appointment scheduling for virtual and in-person visits, gather information for better preparation, and route customers to the right product specialist or relationship manager. Keep the experience customer-centric.

Online Appointment Scheduling on Banking Website financial services video banking

Digital banking is good for your customers and your business


Increase in New Accounts with Video Chat


Net New Revenue Using Live Engagement vs. Unassisted


Reduction in Time to Resolution

Scale your customer service

Handle heavy volume using AI-powered chatbots to answer queries at scale. Let the chatbot cobrowse customers to relevant information on your site or to schedule a virtual or in-branch appointment.

Most business objectives can’t be met with chatbots alone. Smoothly send customers to human agents when necessary. Deliver superior service with the right balance between self-service and live support.

Deliver service 24/7 with chatbots

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Finance Chatbot with Welcome Message and Options on Mobile Video Banking to Build Trust
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Connect your virtual and in-person experience

Financial brands are built on service, performance, and trust. Connect the virtual and in-person experience by letting your customers engage where and when it’s convenient for them.

Transfer customers smoothly from self-service chatbots to live human support. Build connections among multiple lines of business within the financial services organization for faster service and a more complete digital customer journey.

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Case Study

Eastern Bank supercharges online banking with chatbots

Charged with enhancing the digital banking experience for its customers, Eastern Bank’s head of customer service originally thought that mandate meant heavy development work, months of implementation time, and a big bang style launch. With Vee24, Eastern Bank was able to launch chatbots for targeted use cases in a matter of days.

These AI-powered chatbots provided seamless, remote customer service during the spring of 2020 — one of the most challenging times for the bank and the banking industry as a whole. Then and now, the bank is enhancing its reputation for outstanding customer relationships.