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Financial Services

Financial institutions are being confronted with customers focusing on ease of use and access first, causing the traditional branch-based model to become rapidly outdated. While the internet creates efficiency on both sides, a real concern for financial institutions is the loss of relationship with the customer. To win customer loyalty today and in the future, innovative financial institutions are using live engagement solutions to meet their customers’ online.

Our financial clients, on average, benefit from...

35 percent pie chart
the amount of net new revenue using live engagement vs. unassisted
5x increase icon
increase of new accounts
45% pie chart
in operational savings using live engagement vs. unassisted
tablet showing banking online with live assistance from agent


Customers need online banking to be just as good as branch visits. Vee24’s Live Engagement can make it even better. We bring the in-branch experience online through live engagement, transforming the way financial institutions think about retail branches.

Investment Services

When it comes to personal finances, a large majority of portfolio and investment decisions are advice based – people do business with people they trust. With increased pressure for financial institutions to acquire new customers, build advisor/client trust and provide great customer service, live engagement offers great return on investment and realizes the vision of the Online Branch of the future.

mobile phone showing agent offering customer special offers
Live text chat shown on customer and agent's devices customer engagement


With Vee24, customers have access to insurance experts without visiting a branch. Customers can access live video chat from the comfort of their own home and from any mobile device, laptop, or PC

You'll be in good company

You'll be in good company

child wearing retro pilot clothes in home made cardboard box plane with KBC bank logo overlay

Live Engagement Supports Sales Targets and Digitization Strategy at KBC Bank

Read our case study to discover why KBC Bank decided on Vee24 for live engagement, and how KBC Live has been a positive experience for both customers and agents. Learn about KBC Bank’s goals and what the future holds for businesses using live engagement.

Read the Case Study
three different mobile devices showing live assistance from Vee24

Discover the Power of Live Video Assistance

Enjoy this tour of Live Video Assistance to discover the features global organizations depend on to improve customer experience. Vee24 is the world leader in live engagement solutions and brings a unique blend of technical know-how, customer insight, and best practices to deliver the next chapter in customer engagement.

Watch the Video
Eastern bank join us for good

Eastern Bank Launches Smart Chatbots to Supercharge Their Online Banking [Case Study]

Eastern bank is enhancing its reputation for outstanding customer relationships and extending it beyond in-person service to the online experience as well. Read the full case study.

Read the Case Study

Check out our webinar with KBC

“Thanks to video chat we can provide our clients with excellent personal advice without them having to leave the comfort of their house and within broader opening hours than we could deliver through face to face client contact in our retail branches.”

Bart De Saedele
Head of Department Regional Advice Centers, KBC Bank

“It’s very useful that you can see what the representative is doing, because in this way the conversation goes smoother and everything is very clear. The KBC Live system is top!”

KBC Live Customer

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Learn more about our client

“The Vee24 solution allows us to improve the availability of our subject matter experts and meet our growing customer needs. We’ll now be able to serve all 36 locations with our existing team without increasing headcount. Customers will no longer need to book and wait for an appointment at the branch. Customers benefit from the immediate availability of an expert, either via the branch kiosk or from any other location convenient for the customer. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service and Vee24 will allow us to do this and meet the customer where they want to be met.”

Raul Dominguez
COO, Veronica’s Insurance

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