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Why Vee24?

Vee24 provides best in class voice, video chat, text chat and co-browsing solutions, used by some of the world’s biggest brands.

People call it video chat but it feels more like an online concierge experience.
- Audi Customer

The World’s Leading Live Assistance Solution

Vee24 technology will delight your customers while directly impacting your key sales metrics. Our customers typically achieve 4 to 5x increase in online conversion with assisted sessions, and 25 to 35% increase in average order value. Plus, a fantastic personalized experience will keep customers coming back for more.

We're not just about Chat

The Vee24 solution doesn’t just allow you to text chat with customers. We also help you co-browse, share, guide and present any type of content to the customer whether it's video, slides, pdf or web pages. You can also offer customers a helping hand through check-out and enrollment processes with co-form filling.

5 Things Text Chat companies don’t want you to know about Live Video Chat

  1. It converts better

    By enriching the customer experience with live voice, video chat, and co-browsing, we not only allow you delight your customers, we do it with proven impact on performance versus text-based solutions. Our customers experience 500 to 1,000% lift on conversion with assisted sessions and significant increases in average order value by delivering an exceptional online experience. 

  2. It rates higher in customer satisfaction

    Delivering great customer service is a must, but how do you achieve that on the web? The solution is to offer the same personalized service that you offer in-store. Not being able to answer questions quickly results in billions of dollars in lost sales every day. Our clients’ post-engagement surveys show that with video chat they continually achieve higher customer satisfaction ratings than with text chat.

  3. Customers spend more

    We explained that video chat delivers higher sales conversion rates than text chat, but what you should also know is that our customers see significantly higher average order value. With video chat, the average order value is typically 35% higher than text chat.

  4. It's better at selling your highest value products 

    High value and complex products are harder to convert online. The psycho-social impact of face-to-face interaction, along with the assisted shopping tools in the video chat suite, allow your agents to establish trust and rapport with the customer, while guiding them through their shopping session and closing the sale. 

  5. It delivers better ROI!

    With higher conversion rates, greater lift in average order value, and the outstanding customer satisfaction ratings that drive lifetime value, video chat delivers your strongest return on investment.


Easy to Implement

Just one line of code along with a comprehensive training and support program. We'll have you up and running in no time!

James Davidson
James, Client Success Manager

Just one line of code

Our 2 to 3 week implementation program will get you up and running both smoothly and professionally.  Simply adding our JavaScript tag to your website will allow you to leverage our cloud-based solutions to deliver live help to your customers in next to no time.


We’re with you all the way

We are committed to your success and our team will work with you to train your agents, employ best practices, and configure the rules engine to identify the right customers to invite to a session. And it doesn't end there. We will continue to work with you to evaluate reports and deploy a test and learn strategy to further optimize performance and results.

Don't take it from us. See how our customers are using the Vee24 solution to deliver a world class customer experience.