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Meet VeeStudio

Create an in-store experience with online live engagements.

Veestudio Video Chat

Deliver in-store results over the web

Our cloud-based platform lets you connect directly with your customers over the web using voice, video chat, text chat, and co-browsing, to make their web shopping experience as personalized and simple as shopping in store. The result is not only happier customers, but also a direct impact on ecommerce performance through improved conversion and higher average order values.

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Veestudio Media Tower

It's not just video chat 

With VeeStudio it’s easy to provide a full featured live help solution to your customers. Our Media Tower simply plugs into the agents desktop via USB and ensures that you are delivering a studio quality experience with a built-in HD camera, key lighting, a broadcast monitor, and an on-air light. With co-browsing, your agents can shop the site with your customers all the way through check-out to help with issues that may result in cart abandonment. With VeeStudio, our clients are achieving conversion rates that are 4-5x their average and increases in average order values of 25-35%.

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Integrate into any iOS or Android app

The VeeStudio SDK enables the integration of live voice, video chat and co-browsing capabilities into any iOS or Android application. By expanding the VeeStudio platform capabilities to mobile applications, Vee24 allows brands to create their own version of the Amazon Mayday button. Brands can leverage Vee24’s cloud infrastructure through a set of open APIs to enable live, full-featured, customizable video/audio assistance.

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Human interaction + smart technologies = impressive numbers

  • 32%
    Increase in Average Order Value
  • x5
    Increase in Conversion Rate
  • 77%
    Average NPS Rating

Engage, Share, Assist in so many ways

Veestudio Live Video Help
  • Lightbulb

    Intelligently target

    Set rules on how and when a customer is invited to engage, and target customers who may need the most help. 

  • Person on screen

    Live Video Assistance

    Build trust and rapport in both you and your products - offer that real in store experience, wherever your customers are. 

  • Co-Browse


    Share the web page with a customer and assist them when completing forms or in checkout and reduce abandonment rates.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Mobile phone

    Mobile optimized for both browser and in-app interactions

  • Media tower

    Media Tower with HD camera for quality broadcast

  • Pdf

    Share videos, PDFs, and presentations with customers

  • Graph

    Dedicated reporting and analytics with integrated CRM

  • Person on screen

    Video, voice, text and co-browsing live assistance

  • No download

    Seamless web based experience, no customer download

  • Dual screens

    Desktop sharing, help customers fill in complex forms

  • Language

    Multi language support and automatic culture detection

  • Cogs

    Proactive and reactive engagement rules 

  • Settings

    Customizable website communications interface

  • Code

    Javascript API for integration with your systems

  • Support

    Round the clock support packages as standard

Live Video Chat has proven to deliver incremental sales for DFS and it is a key sales channel for us moving forward.
- Graham Mould, Web Sales Director, DFS Furniture Company Ltd
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