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Your best experts now available to all customers across all stores

  • Veekiosk Call Centre

    VeeKiosk helps customers reach your specialists 

    With a centralized team of experts, you can offer the highest level of service to your store customers, without staff having to physically be there. Real-time expertize provides efficient resource utilization for specialty staff roles, and ensures your customers receive the best service you can deliver.

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  • Tech Team In Store Support

    In store technical support and advice

    Stores aren’t always the best environment for dealing with issues. VeeKiosk allows customers to speak with an expert from your support team, while looking together at product issues, billing and forms, or financing options. With VeeKiosk, store staff can concentrate on core sales, while upsells, financing, technical support and other inquiries can get instant, personal service at the kiosk via video engagement.

  • Veekiosk Satisfaction

    Customers love it! 

    VeeKiosk provides a great opportunity to delight your customers with fast, friendly, and informed service. The ability to provide specialized expertise across all of your stores, regardless of size and location, results in happy and loyal customers.

Human interaction + smart technologies = impressive numbers

  • 8%
    Addition to in-store sales
  • 80%
    Cheaper than in-store technicians
  • 82%
    Average Customer NPS Rating

Engage, Share, Assist in so many ways

Veekiosk In-Store Support
  • Dollar

    Revenue opportunities 

    Direct customers to your full product line when they can't find what they are looking for in the store. 

  • People

    Improved utilization

    Offer support and service via a kiosk to utilize your service, support and sales staff effectively.

  • Happy

    Happy customers

    Put customers immediately in touch with a specialist to create outstanding service and loyal customers. 

Key Features at a Glance

  • People

    Free up sales staff by using remote experts

  • Media tower

    Media Tower with HD camera for quality broadcast

  • Message

    Canned chats and quick link playlists to display content quickly

  • Graph

    Dedicated reporting and analytics with intgrated CRM

  • Person on screen

    Video, voice and co-browsing live assistance

  • Person

    Provide official, expert advice from a centralized location

  • Dual screens

    Desktop sharing, show customers videos, PDF’s and presentations

  • Shopping cart

    Assist customers through checkout and help fill in forms

  • Padlock

    Scalable, fully hosted and secure platform

  • Settings

    Customizable website communications interface

  • Code

    Javascript API for integration with your systems

  • Support

    24/7 support and access to extensive knowledge base

We can help customers problem solve quickly which shows the customer we are doing our best, they are wowed by it.
- Vodafone Tech Team UK
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