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Add the power of co-browsing and screen sharing to your phone-initiated customer engagements

  • cobrowse1

    Enhance your phone support with two-way co-browsing and sharing

    Don’t just tell customers, show them in real-time. A VeeAssist agent can add a fully interactive co-browsing session to any phone-initiated customer support call. Agents can guide the customer around your website to help them find products or complete a purchase. Because our co-browsing is bi-directional, both the agent and the customer can interact on the same web page at the same time.

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  • oneclick2

    One click connection

    With no downloads and a one click solution, it is easy for your customers to connect with an agent to add co-browsing to any phone conversation. Your agents will also have the power of two-way screen sharing at their fingertips, providing a seamless experience for your customers.  

  • mobiles

    Works on all devices and browsers

    Used by many of the world’s best known brands, our platform offers the most secure and advanced co-browsing and screen sharing technologies on the market today. It works on all browsers and mobile devices, so phone-based customers can simply connect wherever they are, on whatever device they choose. As a SaaS-based solution, no software installation is required and implementation is simple and easy.

Engage, Share, Assist in so many ways

  • Graph

    Content Sharing

    Enhance the offering by showing images, videos and PDFs in just one click.  

  • Co-browse

    Form Fill Together

    Guide customers through check-out and help them fill in complex forms.

  • Browse

    Easy to Implement

    Get up and running quickly with this impressive yet easy to deploy solution.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Mobile phone

    Works on all browsers, smartphones, tablets and PCs

  • Screen Person

    Seamlessly upgrades to text and/or live video assistance

  • PDF

    Lets you share videos, images, and PDFs

  • Graph

    Provides comprehensive reporting, analytics and integrated CRM

  • Co-browse

    Includes two-way co-browsing and sharing in one solution

  • No download

    Creates a seamless web experience with no customer download

  • Dual Screen

    Delivers desktop sharing, helping customers fill in complex forms

  • Shopping

    Works on secure pages and check-out processes

  • Lock

    Offers a secure and proven co-browsing and sharing technology

  • Cogs

    Easily integrates into current contact center operations

  • Code

    Includes Javascript API for integration with your systems

  • Support

    Offers round the clock support as a standard service

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