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A unified platform with capabilities to meet all live engagement needs

Text Chat

When a website visitor wants a quick answer to a question, text chat is a great start.  Using supplied chats and links, Agents can share information very easily.  Our platform can be configured so agents can handle multiple text chat threads at the same time to maximize efficiency, as well as to transfer a chat to a specialist.

Voice & Video Chat

For more complex solutions, the ability to have a face-to-face experience with your customer can be critical. Our platform supports one- or two-way video, and voice-only interactions, providing the flexibility to engage with customers they way they prefer.


Co-browsing allows you to guide a customer around your website to help them find products or complete a purchase. Both agents and customers can interact on the same web page at the same time with our bi-directional capability. This can be used in conjunction with text, voice, and video chats.

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A VeeStudio agent is able to connect with customers through voice, video chat, text chat, and co-browsing on any browser, including those on smartphones and tablets.

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Veechat Screen


A VeeChat agent can connect with customers through text chat and and can utilize co-browsing and content sharing. The agent is able to manage multiple live text chats at the same time.

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A  VeeAssist agent is able to initiate a fully interactive, two-way co-browsing experience to any phone-initiated session. With no software download, this tool is ideal for service and sales.

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Measurable benefits with Vee24

  • Graph

    Website Conversion

    Convert your website visitors into buyers. Offer personalized advice, and help customers find what they want with ease. 

  • Credit card

    More Sales Opportunities

    Advise your customers on products they may not have thought of. Upsell and cross sell based on their needs and your business goals. 

  • Heart

    Customer Loyalty

    Provide an experience that's rich and rewarding for your customers - so they'll come back to see you again, and again.

  • Lightbulb

    Instant Customer Feedback

    Our built in feedback technology makes it easier for customers to give instant feedback on their online experience with you.

  • Dollar

    Reduced Operational Costs

    Utilize resource effectively - with a lower handling time and the ability for a centralized team to assist customers over multiple channels you can't go wrong.   

  • Shopping cart

    Reduced Abandonment Rates

    Proactively reach out to customers who are about to abandon. Guide them through the checkout process from start to finish. 

  • Person in kiosk

    In-Store Support

    In-store kiosks provide the perfect level of additional support for busy stores. Helping customers get the expert attention they need, straight away.

  • Happy

    Customer Satisfaction

    A fantastic personalized experience raises satisfaction ratings and NPS scores. Happy customers will keep coming back for more.

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