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Check out our industry research and best practices to discover the latest information on live engagement technology.

  • Auto Webinar

    Webinar - How Live Engagement Helps Automotive Dealerships Generate More Leads and Provide Better Customer Service

    Hear from Vee24's Director of Customer Experience about how our automotive clients have utilized Live Engagement to increase their sales up to 35%. KEY TAKEAWAYS: Learn how to generate more leads and convert online traffic into actual vehicle sales with the Vee24 Live Engagement platform. Understand how you can step up your online sales efforts to improve brand loyalty and stand out among competitors. Hear about Vee24's Live PACE team, academy trained engagement specialists proven in delivering highly qualified leads from your online customers and providing a seamless customer journey. 

  • KBC Webinar

    Webinar - Real World Insights from KBC Bank - How Their Customer Experience Evolved with Live Engagement

    Learn how to increase your sale conversions and build brand loyalty with Live Customer Engagement. KEY TAKEAWAYS: Understand why KBC Bank chose Vee24 as their Live Engagement software provider and how their customers have responded to it. Hear about how the quality of their support has improved, and how they've expanded their engagement channels with mobile and kiosk support. Learn about KBC Bank's goals and what the future holds for businesses using Live Engagement services.

  • Healthcare Webinar

    Webinar - The Future of Tele-Health for Patients is with Live Engagement

    Learn how to successfully meet the needs of your remote patients via Live Online Engagement. KEY TAKEAWAYS: See how live video chat enhances remote healthcare consultation, counseling sessions, medication advising, and much more. Learn how to set your patients up for future success with Live Engagement features such as co-browsing and screen sharing. Understand how live video chat functions for patients and doctors as a fully secure and integrated platform.

  • High Tech Webinar

    Webinar - Why Every High Tech Company Needs Live Engagement for Sales and Service

    Learn How to Build Brand Loyalty and Close More Sales with Online Customer Engagement. KEY TAKEAWAYS: Understand how to utilize Live Customer Engagement across all channels to refine the overall experience with improved sales, support and on-boarding. See how to engage with your online prospects immediately with live agents by eliminating forms, wait times, and any other conversion barriers. Learn how Samsung is leveraging the Vee24 platform to improve brand loyalty and provide next generation sales and support.

  • Global Banking Finance Review Leveraging Live Engagement On Social Media July 2018

    Global Banking & Finance Review - 3 Ways That Brands Can Leverage Live Engagement on Social Media

    Learn how companies offering financial services can utilize Live Engagement on social media to build customer loyalty and increase sales conversions.

  • Are Automotive Dealers Missing The Mark With Online Shoppers

    Webinar - Are Automotive Dealers Missing the Mark with Online Shoppers?

    Learn How to Successfully Engage Your Online Clients Without in Person Appointments. KEY TAKEAWAYS: Understand the challenges of brick and mortar car dealerships and how a Live Engagement solution will significantly improve your conversion rates. See how to convert your online audience into actual test drives and dealership appointments. Learn about the successes of Vee24's automotive clients and how you can utilize features such as mobile cameras, co-browse and NudgeBOTs to drive sales.

  • 3 Steps To Improving Your Live Chat Customer Experience

    Webinar - 3 Steps to Improving Your Live Chat Customer Experience

    Learn How to Optimize Your Customers' Live Engagement Experience. KEY TAKEAWAYS: Understand how to increase engagements from your website and attract the right customer at the right time. Get tips and tricks to increase number of chats coming to your digital team and significantly improve your conversion rates. See how to best engage with your customers online to achieve bigger sales and faster customer resolution times. Learn how to monitor, drive and reward your team for a successful live engagement set-up.

  • bathstore and Vee24 logos

    Webinar - Real World Insights with bathstore for Retail Live Engagement

    "REAL WORLD BUSINESS IMPACT OF LIVE CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT FROM UK’S LEADING SPECIALIST BATHROOM RETAILER- BATHSTORE" Learn from Vee24's customer - bathstore and how they have found success with Live Engagement. KEY TAKEAWAYS: - Hear the tips and tricks bathstore uses to successfully engage with prospects and customers. - Learnings from bathstore - how they got started, their goals, and how bathstore evolved in their Customer Engagement journey. - Understand which metrics are important to track for optimal engagements.

  • Webinar screenshot - Proactive Lead Gen with LE

    Webinar - How to Proactively Use Live Customer Engagement for Lead Generation

    How to Proactively Use Live Customer Engagement for Lead Generation Don't wait for your prospects to arrive to your website, engage them in conversation from any lead source you have in your arsenal. KEY TAKEAWAYS: Find out how to increase lead flow from every channel - Website, Email, Social Media, Ads, Mobile Apps, Kiosk See how to start a conversation with your prospects and customers before they even arrive to your website Centralize and scale valuable expert resources Advance your digital presence with video chat, text chat, co-browse functionality

  • Webinar screenshot - KBC Bank

    Webinar - How to Get Started with Live Video Engagement for Finance

    Webinar to show how Financial Institutions are able to include video engagements as part of your 2018 digital strategy. KEY TAKEAWAYS: - Bring an in-branch experience to your online customers with Vee24's live video engagement platform - Centralize and scale valuable expert resources - Advance your call center with video chat, text chat, co-browse functionality - Find out how to increase lead flow from every channel - Website, Email, Social Media, Ads and Postings

  • Credit Union Webinar Screen Shot

    Webinar - Getting Started with Live Engagement for Credit Unions

    Best practices with Credit Unions on improving sales and resolution times by using video, text chat, co-browsing and screen sharing. Learn how to make your online banking experience as personal as a branch visit. KEY TAKEAWAYS: - Learn how to use live video to engage with members and resolve issues. - Increase conversion rates for car loans and mortgages while engaging with your members during their research phase. - How to scale call-center and expert banking resources by utilizing Live Engagement like video-chat, text-chat, and co-browse. - Find out how to increase lead flow from every channel - Website, Email, Social Media, Ads and Postings.

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  • Automotive webinar screenshot

    Webinar - Quickly Move Cars Off Your Lot with Live Video Engagement

    Free webinar to show Automotive Dealers how they are able to schedule test drives, move cars off the lot much faster, improve lead management and conversion with Vee24's live video engagement platform. Using live video to interface with your prospects and clients give the ability to see the car, the sales person, the whole lot, from any device. KEY TAKEAWAYS: Learn how to use live video to engage with prospects early in their research phase Find out how to increase lead flow from every channel - Website, Email, Social Media, Ads and Postings Understand what you need to have on your side to increase customer engagement

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  • retailerwebinar-thumbnail

    Webinar: Retailers, Learn How to Succeed with Live Engagement

    If you are like most retailers, you spend a lot of time and budget driving visitors to your website or mobile app. You spend even more optimizing those properties for the best experience - providing terrific content, easy-to-use navigation, and special offers - all to drive positive customer outcomes. View this on demand webinar to understand the benefits of live engagement.

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  • webinar_realworldinsights

    Webinar: Real-World Insights for Retail Live Engagement Success with DFS Furniture Retailer

    If you are starting to build out a live customer engagement team, or looking to optimize an existing one, view this on demand webinar to gain perspectives from other practitioners.

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  • Webinarcover Contactcenter

    Webinar: How Next-Generation Customer Experience Can Turn your Contact Center into a Profit Center

    View this recorded webinar to discover best practices to achieve peak performance from your team, processes and technologies so you can offer superior customer experience.

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  • Coversmall Youcantoowp

    How Amazon Raised the Bar for Customer Experience and You Can Too

    See how new live video assistance technologies, like the Mayday button, can help online brands capture customer loyalty, reduce abandonment, and boost the bottom line.

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  • Roundtablescreenshot

    Roundtable Discussion: Creating Customer Experiences that Actually Satisfy

    View this roundtable discussion held during the Call Center Week Virtual Summit in June 2015 to discover the latest trends in customer experience.

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  • Introvideoscreenshot

    Vee24 Video: Introduction to Live Video Assistance

    Enjoy this quick tour of Live Video Assistance from Vee24 to discover the features global organizations depend on to improve customer experience.

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  • Webinar2

    Webinar: Unlocking Online Conversion

    View this webinar, recorded April 28, 2015 to discover how to bring your best web and store features together.

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  • Cover Travelwp

    Live Video Assistance: Combining In-Person Service Levels with Digital Convenience in the Travel Industry

    See how best in class online travel services are using one-on-one live video sessions to deliver the personal experience previously only available from an in-person travel agent.

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  • Cover Irspotlight Mayday

    If the Mayday Button Works for Amazon, Why not for You?

    In this Internet Retailer spotlight article, you’ll see how face-to-face communication can bring the personal touch from the store to your online shopping channels.

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  • Cover Bringinstore WP Resources

    How Live Video Assistance Brings In-store Experience and Results to your Ecommerce Channel

    Discover how best in class merchants are using live video help to deliver online results that are more like brick and mortar stores – in both customer satisfaction and sales conversion.

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  • 20Tips Cover Resources

    Quick Tips: 20 Ways to Wow Customers with Video Assistance

    If you are considering, or already using, live video help, check out these tips to help you empower your agents and leverage the robust technology available.

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  • Schuh Video

    Schuh Live Help Presentation

    In this two minute presentation clip, you'll see how Sean McKee, Head of Ecommerce and Customer Services at leading shoe retailer, Schuh, describes their live video assistance solution.

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  • Productbrief Cover Resources

    The Future of Customer Experience is Here

    Check out the Product Spotlight, published by Internet Retailer, to see how Vee24 makes personal service possible on the web.

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  • Dfsvideo

    DFS Live Help Introduction Video

    Take a look behind the scenes in the DFS contact centre to see Live Video Chat in action. And hear interviews with the DFS team

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