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Chatting with your customers has never been easier

  • Chat And Co Browsing

    A unified chat and co-browsing platform  

    With one click, your customers can be text chatting with an agent while co-browsing the site for true interactive sales and support. With our VeeChat platform, agents can provide hands-on help through chat, and push content that helps customers find exactly what they are looking for.

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  • Veechat Omni-channel

    Omni-channel customer communication

    VeeChat lets you provide continuity of experience and branding across all methods of customer communication. Now you can offer customers a consistent experience through PC, smartphone or tablet. Vee24 technology recognizes the customer’s device and screen resolution, and delivers an optimized and scaled chat window for peak performance. 

  • VeeChat Options

    Works in conjunction with Video Chat 

    There’s no one size fits all solution for customer engagement. Our clients' customers want options, for both device and type of communication. Our VeeChat solution can be integrated with VeeStudio to allow both agents and customers to move sessions seamlessly from text chat to video chat and vice versa.

Human interaction + smart technologies = impressive numbers

  • 21%
    Increase in Average Order Value
  • x3
    Increase in Conversion Rate
  • 66%
    Average NPS Rating

Engage, Share, Assist in so many ways

Veechat Live Text Chat
  • Graph

    Intelligently target

    Use business rules to target the right customers, those who are most likely to have a question or most likely to convert. 

  • Multiple chats

    Text Chat

    Answer customers' questions with immediate text chat, ensure they are satisfied and reduce abandonment. 

  • Co-Browse


    Offer customers a helping hand as they browse, guide them to pages to ensure they find what they are looking for.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Multiple chats

    Multiple simultaneous chats and transfer between operators

  • Mobile phone

    Mobile optimized for phone or device based interactions

  • Message

    Canned chats and quick link playlists to send content quickly

  • Graph

    Comprehensive reporting, analytics and built in CRM

  • Co-browse

    Text and co-browsing live assistance

  • No download

    Frictionless experience, no customer downloads

  • Language

    Multi language software and customer culture detection

  • No popup

    No pop-ups, always on the same page as the customer

  • Cogs

    Proactive and reactive engagement rules

  • Settings

    Brand and customize the live help offering

  • Code

    Javascript API for integration with your systems

  • Support

    24/7 support and access to extensive knowledge base

Live Help has provided us with a new route to engage with customers, deliver additional high quality leads for our Dealer network, and support our overall contact strategy.
- Peter Tilbury, Customer Relations Manager, Renault UK
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