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Introducing VeeAssist - where co-browsing meets traditional phone support

We’ve all been there, holding the phone while a company representative explains a variety of details that we are trying to note down as quickly as they speak. ‘This sofa is more expensive than that sofa but has these 10 fabric options’, ‘this television package includes sports channels but that package comes with free movies’. Many of these conversations end with you thinking ‘I am not sure right now, I will have a look online later’. Wouldn’t it have been more productive if the agent had shown you the options visually, online and in real time – and even helped you purchase the right item or service?

With the launch of VeeAssist, Vee24 gives brands the ability to do this, to seamlessly add an interactive co-browsing session to any phone-initiated customer call. A customer can join the agent in the session within seconds, on whatever device they have available, including smartphone, tablet or laptop, with no software download necessary. Once connected, agents have the ability to guide the customer around the website, presenting sales options or support solutions on screen, and even displaying PDF’s or videos to aid the decision making process. 

Bi-directional co-browsing technology, where both the agent and customer can interact on the same web page at the same time, allows agents to help customers fill out online forms or applications with ease. Whether helping with a retail checkout, filling in a challenging financial application, or selecting the right TV package with both sports and movies included, VeeAssist helps brand representatives make the shopping journey simpler for the customer.

We live in a multi-channel world, where customers are contacting brands with a variety of requests over a variety of channels. It is essential that at every customer touch point companies are providing an engaging and positive experience, and making the most of the conversations. With the benefits of co-browsing technology, traditional phone support now goes one step further in assisting customers. This increases customer satisfaction while boosting sales and generating a higher rate of first call resolution.

You can read more on the features and benefits of VeeAssist here.

Or get in touch with Vee24 for a demonstration of the technology.