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Engage your mobile app visitors with VeeStudio SDK

Mobile commerce continues to grow, in fact, Econsultancy recently noted that 36.9% of visits to US retailer’s ecommerce channels are coming from mobile devices, in 2010 this figure was 3.4%. With many consumers favouring buying, or at least browsing on mobile devices, online merchants need to make sure the experience their customers have on this touch point is a positive one by providing the same high-level of service they would on their website or in store.

To help merchants do this, Vee24 recently launched VeeStudio SDK, which helps brands add live voice, video, text and co-browsing assistance to any iOS or Android application. Brands can now add face-to-face live video help to their mobile application, providing a more personalized customer experience, and driving sales conversion as a result. 


The VeeStudio SDK has a rich feature set, which not only allows for easy implementation but also enhances the interaction between the customer and agent. The agent is able to screen share to show the customer any kind of rich media, including forms, PDF’s, videos and web pages. If needed, the agent is also able to view the customers screen within the app to help guide or troubleshoot any issues. The agent also has the ability to finger paint on the screen to highlight particular information for the customer or can remotely click on buttons - all during a live video and voice call. 

You may be familiar with Amazon’s introduction of live video assistance through its Mayday button, launched late last year on the Kindle Fire and more recently, this year on its Fire phone. This button offers users the ability to instantly speak with a live video agent who can help with any questions they have about their device, and can guide them through any features by drawing on the screen. Since launching this service, Amazon reported that the Mayday button had become the most popular way for consumers to get support for their devices. With the introduction of the VeeStudio SDK, Vee24 is essentially helping brands create their own version of the Amazon Mayday feature in their mobile apps to offer their customers this next-generation experience. 

We have already seen the benefits of live video assistance on the web, with many brands achieving conversion rates that are 4-5x higher than without live video, average order value increases of 30%, and satisfaction ratings >94%. Web shoppers are engaged and delighted with the service and those customers who have taken the time to download and use a merchant’s app deserve the same high-touch experience. It is at this point that live assistance can have the most impact. By offering an outstanding customer experience, merchants will not only increase sales conversions, but will also develop truly loyal customers. 

You can read more on the features and benefits of the VeeStudio SDK here. 

Or get in touch with Vee24 for a demonstration of the technology.