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Bring the in-store experience online with live video assistance

As merchants are grasping the importance of maintaining a consistent, personalized experience across in-store and online interactions, the popularity of online live video help is exploding across a variety of platforms, enabling a better customer experience.

Download this free report from Vee24, How Live Video Assistance Brings In-store Experience and Results to your Ecommerce Channel, to discover how best in class merchants are utilizing live help to deliver online results for shoppers and merchants that are more like traditional retail - in both customer satisfaction and sales conversion.

You’ll see how live video help can achieve results like:

  • Increased conversion rates through a better customer experience.
  • Increased average order values (AOV) by helping customers find the right products and making recommendations.
  • Reduced returns by providing a clearer, more realistic, view of the products.
  • Quicker issue resolution by being able to see orders, error messages or product issues.