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A great website experience will influence your customers more than advertising or personal recommendation. Global auto retailers are using video chat technology to meet and serve customers online. What are you waiting for?

You'll be in good company

  • Audi
  • Vertu
  • Infiniti
  • Now Vauxhall
  • Land Rover
  • Lexus
  • Jaguar Emblem
  • Sytner
Wow what a great experience. Very helpful and more likely to purchase as a result of this experience.

Car dealer customer

We had to find a way of meeting potential customers on the Sytner website and early in their research. Sytner Live allows us to do just that

Natalie Parkes - Sales Development Manager JLR, Sytner Group

We like to stay one step ahead of the competition, and with all our business coming from our website, it made perfect sense to meet our customers online, early in their journey.

David Moffatt - Stable Vehicle Contracts

Amazed at this level of support on a Sunday evening! It really raises the service bar.

Car dealer customer

  • Infographic Automotive - 35% Conversion

    from video chat call to test drive.

  • Infographic - 90+ Average

    NPS scores typically with Video Chat.

  • Infographic Automotive - 6x

    higher conversions for Video Chat against self serve customers.

  • Infographic Automotive - 44%

    of all online sales enquiries come between 6pm and 10pm.

Vee24 helps manufacturers and car dealerships to

  • Increase sales

    On average, 35% of all video chat calls result in a test drive booking

  • Provide an out-of-hours service

    Ensure that you’re there online to meet customers in the evening and outside your standard opening hours

  • Pre-qualify customers

    Online agents can gather lifestyle and car preference details to pass on to the dealership

  • Help customers to customize a vehicle online

    Our innovative co-browsing feature allows you to browse the site on behalf of the customer, guiding them through different options

Let’s start

Give us a call today to book a short demo or to hear more about Vee24’s live help solutions for automotive organizations. Call us at +44 (0)1625 668500 (UK team ) or +1-617-356-8280 (US team) or contact your regional office.