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Eastern Bank Launches Smart Chatbots to Supercharge Their Online Banking [Case Study]

Eastern bank is enhancing its reputation for outstanding customer relationships and extending it beyond in-person service to the online experience as well. Read the full case study.

Watches of Switzerland logo taken apart watch on right side

Watches of Switzerland Have Doubled Engagements With Happier Customers Using Video Chat [Case Study]

Watches of Switzerland, the UK’s leading watch specialist, is powering its success with innovative technology including Vee24’s customer engagement platform to provide a distinctive luxury experience to their online shoppers.

Vee24 Helps Drive an Immersive Customer Experience at the ‘Porsche Next’ Digital Show

When the decision was made to move the 2021 Brussels Motor Show to a virtual format, D’Ieteren Automotive, approached us with a challenge – bring the excitement of exploring a new car online.

Virtual Boutiques Create an Emotional Connection with Customers

The classic boutique experience can now be replicated online. Retailers of luxury and personal products are able to give their online customers the kind of full-service, highly personalized shopping experience that sets them apart.

Meet Our Customers

Learn how our customers are delivering world class customer engagement and seeing better business outcomes.

man typing on laptop at home digital customer experience

Digital Customer Experience Reimagined [Video]

Watch how Vee24 is taking the customer experience to new heights with its innovative digital engagement solutions.
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couple engaging with car salesman on a tablet virtual auto show experience

The Ultimate Virtual Auto Show Experience [Video]

Discover how Vee24 is helping popular brands and dealers like Porsche, D'Ieteran, Audi, Volkswagen, Sytner, Hyundai, SEAT, SKODA, CUPRA, and more create the ultimate virtual auto show experience.
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woman shopping using live video assistance video chat DFS website

DFS Live Video Assistance [Video]

See how DFS has given online shopping a personal touch using live video assistance, instant messaging, and cobrowsing.
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Veronica’s Insurance Delivers Unique Customer Engagement With Live Video Chat [Case Study]

Veronica’s Insurance Delivers Unique Customer Engagement With Live Video Chat [Case Study]

Veronica's Insurance implemented Vee24’s video chat technology to augment the in-person experience and address staffing challenges. Learn how it is building out its digital engagement strategy.
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Skybreak Customer Service Support

Skybreak Elevates Airport Experience with Vee24 Live Customer Engagement

Vee24 is helping Skybreak improve the airport travel experience by expanding the reach of its service agents with quick-access video and text chat.
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clarins logo

Clarins Partners with Vee24 to Launch its Virtual Boutique to Provide Real Shopping Experience

Vee24 is excited to be working with Clarins to bring its service, product advice, and skincare knowledge online with virtual beauty consultations.
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