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With an increasing number of customers researching and purchasing products and services online, it’s important that the tools to support these customers are useful, effective and simple to use. Website Q+A sections were once useful and still have their place, but customers now want more ways to interact with you and at times and locations convenient to them and not you.

reduction in Call Volumes
increase in First Call Resolution
reduction in Average Handle Time
increase in CSAT scores

Live Engagement allows you to offer support from your website round the clock with text chat, video chat and chatBOTS – something that’s impossible to do from a physical location 24/7.


Customers can initiate a service request from your website or any of your social media properties and request live assistance from multiple devices including laptops, smart phones, tablets and in-store kiosks. You can also digitally upgrade a customer service phone call, adding online screen sharing or 2-way video sharing for ease of investigation and solution walk-through. Seamless integrations with CRM solutions like Zendesk, increase agent productivity and give you holistic access to information. With 83% of consumers preferring to deal with human beings to solve customer service issues, it’s no surprise that Live Engagement is being adopted by global organizations across all industry sectors.

Businesses no longer see customer service as a cost to the business and now understand that Live Engagement tools are a sound investment to deliver excellent service, create brand loyalty and grow sales.

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