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Satisfaction surveys

No live engagement platform is complete if you don’t know that it’s making a real impact with your customers. Satisfaction surveys at the end of every engagement will give you a complete picture of your NPS and CSAT scores. These surveys are customizable to your most important metrics, and can be exported for further metrics slicing and dicing.

Reporting Suite

The Vee24 platform comes with a suite of reports that cover every aspect of our platform and your live engagement statistics. In addition to these, a number of customizable reports and administration tools are available to have an all-inclusive reporting portfolio.

Live supervisor and analytics dashboards

Your call centers and sales/support teams’ supervisors can monitor and manage call volumes live using our Live Supervisory Dashboard. Our Visual Analytics Dashboards offer roll-up and drill-down reporting to help you make the proper educated business decisions – whether on the fly or in the long run.

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