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Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Reporting

Digital engagement drives sales, enhances marketing and creates seamless customer service and Vee24 provides insights and customer feedback tools to ensure you are always evolving your digital engagement strategies.  Vee24’s platform comes with a full-featured reporting platform that provides dashboards of engagements as they take place, a metrics dashboard that offers business intelligence at a glance, and an in-depth reporting suite to drill into the specifics of each live engagement channel. For customers that unify their data under a single reporting tool external to Vee24, the platform also offers a wide variety of reporting APIs and data export tools.

Satisfaction surveys:

No live engagement platform is complete if you don’t know that it’s making a real impact with your customers. Satisfaction surveys at the end of every engagement will give you a complete picture of your NPS and CSAT scores. These surveys are customizable to your most important metrics and can be exported for further metrics slicing and dicing.

Reporting Suite:

The Vee24 Intelligent Conversational Experience platform comes with a suite of reports that cover every aspect of our platform and your live engagement statistics. In addition to these, a number of customizable reports and administration tools are available to have an all-inclusive reporting portfolio.

Live Supervisor and Analytics Dashboards:

Our Engagement Center Live Dashboard gives managers the ability to monitor and respond to the dynamic and fast-paced nature of live engagement centers. With one glance at our dashboard, managers can assess call volume, agent utilization, and a variety of other metrics to ensure that your call center is operating at peak efficiency. The live dashboard comes with a number of configuration options to tune the dashboard’s functionality and appearance to your needs.

Business Intelligence, Analytics and Reporting:

The Vee24 platform comes with a reporting platform that provides live dashboards on engagements as they take place. It also has a key analytics dashboard that offers business intelligence at a glance, and an in-depth reporting suite to drill into the specifics of your sales and support metrics, customer and product insights, agent productivity, and much more across all your live engagement channels.

Integration made Easy:

Focused on ease-of-use for your agents, the platform is packed with rich productivity and personalization tools, wrapped with intelligent automation.  Your agents can easily schedule appointments, pull up checklists, send emails and so much more. 

Email integration and seamless CRM integration empower each agent interaction.

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