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Virtual Showroom

Live Chat for Car Dealerships

Connect with car buyers anywhere, anytime. Bring your digital dealership to life with person-to-person engagements. Convert website visitors to test drives and accelerate sales.


Create a digital showroom with video chat

Empower your sales team with high-definition, mobile cameras to offer up-close interior or 360° exterior views of popular models. Your sales team expands their reach increasing conversions from online visits to in-person test drives and closed deals.

Let customers invite family or friends to the online conversation to help with this big-ticket purchase.

car salesman showing car on floor showroom in video chat showing customer view from different devices automotive maximize conversions
customer view on tablet cobrowsing and video chat with sales agent car configurator auotmotive

Guide the buying journey with online sharing

Go deep into car specifications or run through configurators with advanced cobrowsing and sharing.

Help customers book a test drive online or get started on financing forms before they set foot in the dealership. They’ll be pre-approved and ready to drive off the lot.

Guide and advise using cobrowsing and sharing

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Keep your dealership open 24/7

Don’t let traditional business hours limit your sales or service.

Add intelligent chatbots to answer queries anytime. Create a dark store that showcases your car inventory and keeps your sales people selling with online customers. Provide online appointment setting for test drives, in-person or virtual viewing, and service. Keep your sales team prepared to provide a highly personalized experience.

VeeScheduler appointment panel overlaying automotive showroom

Person-to-person visual engagement drives results


Conversion from Video Chat to Test Drive


Uplift in Conversion for Video Chat vs. Self-Service


Average NPS with Video Chat

using vee24 links in social media and marketing automotive webpage

Convert browsers to test drives

Build awareness and bring qualified buyers into your virtual dealership by offering live chats on any marketing channel such as social media and email. Nudge website visitors to engage with compelling promotions. Develop and send qualified leads to the sales team.

Measure and report on campaign effectiveness to continuously improve your marketing and sales initiatives.

Maximize your marketing efforts

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Elevate your sales and service experience

Build brand loyalty with a flawless customer experience.

Leverage intelligent chatbots to answer questions or to route customers to the right person in service or sales, virtually or on the showroom floor. Seamlessly move customers from a chatbot to a human, or from a text chat to a video engagement for a deeper conversation.

Build a best-in-class customer journey

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family on a sofa car shopping online looking at a tablet automotive digital showroom video chat
Digital Customer Engagement Frictionless Journey From Website Visit To Test Drive To Purchase Customer Experience Webinar

On-Demand Webinar

Digital Customer Engagement: A Frictionless Journey From First Website Visit, To Test Drive, To Purchase

As more car-buyers shop online isn’t it time to offer them the frictionless digital experience they demand while guiding them through their journey to purchase?

Watch this on-demand webinar to see how customer engagement technologies such as chatbots, live text and video chat, and cobrowsing are raising the customer experience bar and driving more leads, test drives, and sales.