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Agent Productivity & Automation

Our multi engagement platform is designed to be a comprehensive solution.  The job is often not over when an agent completes a live chat with a customer. Follow-ups are required, whether it’s capturing important notes, sending follow-up information, or scheduling your next live chat engagement. The Vee24 live engagement chat platform has all the tools needed to make this a smooth and continuous process for both agents and customers.

CRM Lite

The Vee24 platform provides a full-featured CRM tool that is built natively into our Live Engagement tool. CRM Lite offers clients the capability to track customers, opportunities, and the live engagements you have had. It will capture important notes and chat transcripts, use it to pull powerful reports to help you budget and anticipate incoming sales, build-out email campaign lists, and judge agent success.

Checklists & Workflow

With our configurable checklists, we provide automatic notifications of missing data to help agents gather all the required customer information. Our multi-step workflow guides agents through the desired list of tasks after an engagement. This may include ensuring all notes are correct, updating external systems, dispatching an email to the customer with relevant materials, and sending automated follow-up emails.

Automated emails

Agents can send emails directly from the Vee24 platform using customizable templates, and follow up with product information, attachments, and more.

Scheduled appointments

When you need to touch base with your customers and prospects repeatedly, Vee24 makes it easy. Send a calendar invite with a live engagement link to a specific agent. This provides a very integrated and familiar experience to your customers increasing their satisfaction rates, while improving your conversion and resolution rates.

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