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About Us

Our passion is connecting our clients to their customers in the digital world and we follow a set of values that are instilled into everything we do.  Whether it is dealing with the patient journey or enabling employees of an organization to meet, greet, and complete customer tasks while working at home. We ensure their customers can connect online in the manner they want, when they want, all to the delight of its customers.  

As an Intelligent Conversational Experience platform we enable you to reach your customers, prospects, and stakeholders while they browse your website. You can reach them with a chatBOT, text-chat, live-chat, and video-chat to answer any questions or guide them through a particular process. We drive business value and ensure your engagements exceed your expectations.  

Mobile device, tablet, laptop, and desktop showing Vee24 live engagement

We have offices in the United Kingdom, the United States and in Germany. Our expertise across Financial Services, Retail, and Automotive has provided us with a unique perspective and experiences to help you drive greater conversion rates, superior leads and increased customer satisfaction.  Our SaaS platform is built to future-proof your company by continuously enabling your organization to evolve as your digital engagement strategy evolves.

Our client success teams work closely with your company to ensure that you maximize the powerful return on investment made possible with the Vee24 platform. In our commitment to your success, our team will work with you to integrate your CRM environment, train your agents, employ best practices and configure the solution to optimize your customer engagement objectives. We will also continue to work with you to evaluate reports and deploy a test and learn strategy to further optimize performance and results.

At Vee24 we strive every day to ensure your digital engagement can exceed your vision and easily integrate into your ecosystem. Our expertise in digital sales, customer service, and digital marketing in conjunction with our values drive our innovations and dedication to our clients every day.   

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